We met a few agents when we started looking for a home and from our first conversation Sarah was different. Why? She’s honest. She’s a real person
She genuinely has the best interest of her clients in mind. She’s aware that she’s not simply selling you new shoes or a car, she’s helping you find a home and that means something. The agent you work with matters a lot more then we initially thought. It takes a great agent with a lot of knowledge of the market to get you a house in the Bay Area. Sarah gave us all the information we need to make decisions. She knows what it takes to get a house with multiple offers but won’t push you into anything you’re not comfortable with. If you’re putting a bid in on a house you want Sarah to write it for you. In the months we were with her we saw her predictions
come true time and again. She was always right about what a house was going to sell for and what kind of offer we would need to write to be at the table. Sarah is the reason we live in our dream home. She didn’t drop off once we were in contract or even the minute we closed. She was just as easy
to get a hold of and willing to help and answer questions. The care and attention she gives to the entire transaction is just another example of how genuinely invested in each client she is. We didn’t know buying a home could be this awesome. Stop reading and give her a call.