After going to some open houses on my own for a couple of months, I finally got serious about buying a place and connected with Sarah. Total game changer! I had no idea what a great real estate agent looked like until then. She was my coach, advisor, advocate, and educator. If I had to synthesize all the qualities that make her stand out, I’d boil it down to these:

Deeply committed: Sarah is highly responsive and proactive. She quickly (and thoroughly) responded to my endless questions and would volunteer her time generously. She’d also send me updates regularly, including houses off-market, with detailed explanations about the places and why she thought I should check them out. She’d spend hours seeing places with me – with more energy and enthusiasm than I had on most days! She’s a trouper.

Smart and knowledgeable: Sarah was always asking thoughtful questions to help me figure things out and see blind spots. In the Bay Area, where real estate is a serious (and crazy expensive) commitment, it helps to have someone with a steady head to guide you and ask tough questions. Also, she knows a TON about houses and educated me beyond my expectations. She taught me about french drains and subsurface drains, identifying various types of seismic work and when it was done, and understanding how to identify moisture and structural problems. She helped me become more confident as I navigated open houses and making offers. And now, as a new homeowner (thanks Sarah!), I feel better equipped to handle the responsibility.

Trustworthy: Sarah is incredibly authentic and has integrity in spades. She is truthful, open, and transparent. There were times when it would have been in her best interest to push me toward a house or price that I wasn’t comfortable with, but she didn’t. She was patient and realistic, operating with a very high level of integrity. I always felt that Sarah was in my corner and put my best interest first.

With so many agents to choose from, it can be hard to gauge quality and expertise. Simply put, Sarah is the Tesla in a pool of Priuses. She’s the diamond in a sea of glass. And when she finally closes for you, she’s the Cristal to all that Freixenet!