J. y A.

We are first time home buyers and have been Sarah’s clients for over a year at this point. Not enough can be said about the amazing value Sarah brings to the house hunt process. We are one of those clients who are not rushed by circumstances and want to take our own sweet time feeling out the market and buying a house that’s really right for us, and Sarah has been amazingly patient, very resourceful and a dependable advisor for us over
the last year or so. She not only has a tremendous amount of knowledge about construction, neighborhoods, realtors in east bay etc, she also has a sense of intuition that is almost gifted. There have been many occasions where we were lured by shiny superficial elements of a property when Sarah’s gut feeling says otherwise. On each of those occasions, her intuition is corroborated by the house inspection. Despite us being her clients for over a year, she doesn’t hesitate to tell us when a property is not right for
us! She is a cut above any other agent we have come across in the last year and half. I would HIGHLY recommend her!