Margaret K.

We were not the easiest people to work with: we were first time home buyers, total wafflers, frequently available only at funny times, and often toting a toddler. Sarah guided us into a home that exceeded our every expectation. She listened to us patiently, answered our questions, and helped us to learn from the sudden reversals in course we made as our search progressed (we kept changing our minds on neighborhoods, school districts, priorities, etc). She was always honest (“I smell mold in that basement, and you will hate parking there, but if you love it let’s get it inspected” she told us of a home we liked early on, “this bid is too low, but worth a shot if you want to try” “that bid feels about right, but it’s a tough
market”). When we finally knew what we needed and made a bid on what seemed like a dream house to us, we lost the bid by a few thousand dollars. Sarah tapped into her network of fellow realtors to find an off-market home a block away (we were super committed to a particular neighborhood at this point). Our new home is in the same price range, better maintained, and gorgeous. We settled in last week and couldn’t be happier. The only downside of finding such a perfect home is that we will miss seeing Sarah on a regular basis. She is a remarkable person. Most realtors have seen a lot of homes and various set-ups, so remodeling and decorating advice are likely a given. But Sarah also knows everything about Bay Area architectural history, construction, landscaping, schools, micro-neighborhoods, drainage, botany, and the list goes on. She’s also quick to identify things she doesn’t know and investigate them. She would get curious and have a string of questions at the ready, long before a single question or concern had occurred to us. We learned so much from her. You will be well served, well educated, and downright lucky, to have Sarah as
your realtor.