Muriel G.

My husband and I recently purchased a condo in Oakland while living in New England and Sarah shepherded us through the process with remarkable patience, grace, and skill, taking the challenges of working with clients from a distance of 3000 miles in stride. She took us to see enough properties when we were in town so that we–and she–could figure out what appealed to us and let us know whenever a plausible candidate came on the market. When we identified a listing that we thought sounded appealing, she didn’t hesitate to go and check it out in person, sending us
photos, videos, and her invaluable commentary. Sarah let us know if she thought the place was too cramped or shoddily built or not as attractive as the photos on line suggested. When it was (finally) time to make an offer, she handled the seller and the seller’s agent tactfully and effectively. And
Sarah wasn’t done with us as soon as she received her commission: she supplied referrals to electricians, painters, a handyman, whoever and whatever we needed to get our place in shape. Sarah knows the market, the community, buildings, and how to deal with people. When it comes
time to sell our condo, which I hope won’t happen for a good long time, I know to whom I will turn!