Tasha T.

I was lucky enough to be referred to Sarah through a friend last year, and after working closely with Sarah for several months, we successfully closed on a dream house this summer. My husband and I are so very grateful that we worked with Sarah. Finding the right real estate agent is so important because it shapes the neighborhoods you look in and the type of house you think will fit your needs, and if you don’t have a great personal connection with your agent, it can make everything else in the process that much more
stressful. Sarah was a dream to work with and I’m saying that as an extremely picky person. What I specifically appreciated about her approach is that she authentically knows East Bay as someone who has lived there her whole life; she has the history of the neighborhoods, even the streets. I remember we visited one house in Oakland and when we came to a specific street, she described in detail why it was given that name, what type of neighborhood it was situated in, and what type of future development and growth we could expect in that area. One of the most important features, however, is her in-depth and near expert knowledge of the foundations and internal structures of homes. I think I appreciated that the most. My husband and I are not local to California, I have no idea how earthquake prevention maintenance works, and if you’re buying out in East Bay, it
really does need to be top of mind. We saw one house that I really liked, and I couldn’t understand why it was such a good “deal”. Sarah started investigating the foundations of the house- because really, that’s what matters, everything else is furniture decor – and she called out that it was made of a foundation that, if not treated, would be dangerous in
earthquakes. It was those moments that my husband and I were so grateful that we were with the right agent, who was not interested in pushing us to any particular house but really wanted us in the best, safest option for our needs. We ended up getting a house a bit farther out of East Bay, and even though it wasn’t in Sarah’s typical area of coverage we asked her to be our agent because we enjoyed working with her so much. I can recommend her without hesitation.