My Work with Sellers

For you, the homeowner, selling a home is typically a mixed bag – rarely is the experience entered into with a sense of calm and ease. And with good reason! As your primary asset, there is much to consider when choosing a realtor.

The very first meeting sets the tone for the experience you will have. Although often this meeting is, for me, an interview, I treat it as though we are already working together. I know you are coming to me to find answers and whether or not we have a signed listing agreement I appreciate that everything I say will have significance to you. Because of this, I research your home before we meet and I come prepared to ask the most important questions of all:

What will you do after you sell? Where do you plan to go and how much money will you need to make that happen? Is there a dollar amount below which you would not want to sell?

Setting realistic and honest expectations is vital. Be cautious of any agent who promises you the moon. That said, the homes I list are beautiful, perfectly marketed and expertly negotiated. Will I put my entire self into the selling of your home? You bet. But I will never promise you an unrealistic sales price. I will do everything within my power to get you more than you imagined was possible though!

I will also teach you what to expect. I will show you what has sold before and how those homes relate to yours. I bring tremendous local knowledge to the table & I will talk about the direction the market is trending, always aware that things can change radically and quickly, that holidays and seasons affect the sales on a weekly basis.

In addition, I will explain how I work, what I do for and with you and why I will make selling your home a process that is incremental and defined. I love to illuminate the process for my clients so that they feel empowered through it all.

From our first interaction until the very last, we will be a team, united in the same goal. Communication and hard work – ingenuity and patience. These are the core principles of real estate. I would love an opportunity to list your home!

My Work with Buyers

It is my goal that after you have moved into your new home and months have passed that you look back on the experience and the price you paid with a sense of knowing. I never want you to have regret or doubt about the home you buy and that is why I spend significant time teaching you how to move about in our specific market.

The work we will do together is very unique and the relationship we must forge is unlike any other. I come to you as a stranger and yet I am here to help you make such an important and for some, intimate, decision. Ultimately you must trust me and building that trust is at the core of a successful purchase.

It is through time spent communicating and looking at homes together that I will get to know what truly matters to you. But before we do that we must set the expectations of what is possible. Through methodical and patient teaching I will bring you to a point where you are confident and ready to start making winning offers.

Once you have closed on your home you will have become as much of an expert as you would like to be on all things house related. This is a massive investment and it is my job to make sure you know what you are buying, why you are buying it and what is involved in maintaining it!

I am very good at what I do and I enjoy it immensely. I look forward to working together!